For Advertisers

*There are still spaces to come on the second print run for 2019!!


  •       Come on for the rest of the year

  •       We have a special offer for 18 months


*    We will be printing the second print run as soon as the current maps have run out.

*    We believe this could be as early as June or as late as mid-August.

*   Currently up to 150,0000 Chichester Maps printed annually. We are working hard to increase distribution points and will print more when supplies are exhausted.

*   Distributed at over 130 locations including high footfall areas in the heart of Chichester.

*   Your establishment highlighted on the Chichester Map and labelled in the grid reference format.

*   Major distribution at the start of March 2019 and replenishment redistribution for the following 12 Months.

*   No cramming unlike other maps. Majority of ads are 'mapside'. We therefore have a limited amount of advertising space.

*   Opportunity to include a voucher in your ad which provides campaign measurability and visitor incentive.

*   Optional monthly replenishment of Chichester Maps for your establishment.

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